White's Rx Corporate Concierge Services


In an effort to stay ahead of competition, a company must continually discover new ways to recruit / retain the best talent and keep their staff productive, working towards their outlined business goals.

Recent studies have shown that employees spend as much as 30% of their business time on personal priorities. White’s Healthcare Enterprise, Corporate Concierge Service, sets us apart from competition, by offering this service to corporate executives, employees and companies. Not only does this program offer your employees a solution to balancing their daily needs and a solution to enriching modern work life, but in the end, it saves your company valuable time and money.

Our Corporate Concierge Pharmacy Service offers award winning Customer Service with an extensive menu of pharmaceutical services including:

  • Preferred Client Card for monthly discounts
  • Medicine By the Dose
  • Patient Education Counseling
  • Daily Free Delivery (local)
  • Comprehensive Insurance Processing
  • Emergency Orders
  • 24 Hour Access for Prescriptions 24-7-365
  • Friendly Team of Customer Care Representatives to handle all needs
  • Health Screening- Wellness Seminars etc. (at your office or on site)
  • Large Inventory of Over the Counter Items

We pledge to provide the finest Personal Service and Facility for our clients. For the last 13 years our clients have enjoyed our time saving personal pharmaceutical assistance, and our privileged and exclusive experiences through our wide network of services.

For more information, please call us to learn about the wide range of possibilities for providing Pharmacy Concierge Services to your valuable employees.

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